from 2 to 5 wizards.


2st generation.


Fantasy, Magic.

Game master

First adventure played with the hosts of Evasion Escape Room; we are greeted by the staff, Valentino, who does the honors, and Vanessa, who will be our Master both in this episode and in the next chapter, Hell in the Cell. 

We are introduced into the room and we are invested by the magic; indeed, the peculiarity of the room is the fact that there is no type of padlock inside, neither to open with a key nor with a combination. The “room” comes alive thanks to automation. 

The first time that we are confronted with a fully automatic room; generally, we had the opportunity to try mixed rooms, but never completely belonging to the second generation. After all, the padlock has always been a support point, a safety anchor; it gives you more immediate certainty about the correctness of the code. The automation, on the other hand, is a little more subtle, because it requires extreme precision in the execution of the solution, whether it is aligning, positioning, arranging objects in the right sequence, making precise movements. 

In spite of everything,  I must admit that we managed quite well (we came out 9 minutes ahead of time) and, despite the lack of that usual familiar old-style note, we still enjoyed ourselves; either because the theme of the room is very playful, both as a type of enigmas and as a scenography, or because the level of difficulty is medium, so it makes it very suitable even for younger wizards or struggling with the first escape rooms, especially of this genre. 

We liked it so much, both in terms of concept and also because we found a nice and friendly staff, that we wanted to try another one immediately, but definitely changing style and level of difficulty. However, I will talk about this in another article. 

Some tips: the room is available in English and doesn’t require special motor skills. In my opinion. Very funny, not scary and playable by all, children or beginners. 


Exit Room - Wolfestein


Level difficulty: 3/5.


A magical chapter in which you will be the protagonists. The long-awaited letter has been delivered to you. It’s a special day for you: the one-way ticket to the Wizard Academy is finally in your hands! 

But your enthusiasm is soon shattered… after the short train ride to Alnwick Castle, the Dark Lord is rumored to be resurrected in the corridors. There is no more time to waste! The gateway of secrets must be reopened immediately before You-Know-Who returns!