from 2 to  robbers.


1st generation.


Adventure, Robbery.

Game master

The second adventure played with the hosts of Brain in a cage. After deactivating the central processor of the AI ​​Project and stopping a dangerous artificial intelligence, we are preparing to rob the National Reserve (an alternative afternoon). Giulia, our Master, repeats another short briefing, gives us the torches, and leads us into the darkness of the room. She closes the door behind us, wishing us “good robbery”. 

The unfolding of the adventure in the dark faithfully reflects the spirit of the room and allows you to identify with the story even more, moving with caution. It’s extraordinary that such a banal condition (semi-darkness) makes everything so compelling; indeed, when we turned on the light we regretted it a little because it was a lot of fun to sneak around. We also almost whispered. 

The logic of the room is quite linear. Original puzzles, in some cases even funny ones: some are a bit long; indeed, the two of us struggled a bit (released 1 minute and 42 seconds before the time ran out). 

Unfortunately, we cannot be more explicit or verbose in describing the room and what we liked, in order not to run the risk of spoilers; but we can assure you that, before or after the game is over, you will leave the room with an enthusiastic smile. 

Some tips: the room is available in English and doesn’t require special motor skills. Belonging to the first generation, it’s as a whole well thought out and usable by everyone, even for beginners, but above all fun, which is the main objective of the game. For all these reasons, in our opinion, he fully deserves a second place in our ranking of the Topissimi Toscana 2021 Tour. 

Exit Room - Wolfestein


Difficulty level: 4/5.


The National Reserve is the most famous bank in the city, thanks to its impenetrable security system it has managed to acquire many wealthy clients in a short time, while attracting the best of the most famous thieves in the world, including you. For a long time, your gang is following the bank, and to make the heist, you managed to infiltrate one of your guys into the Caveau guards, Jon. Despite all your efforts, however, there is no way to get to the safe, nobody knows where it is and nobody knows how to open it, but maybe Jon has discovered something … The director, however, is suspecting something, he has closed the building and activated the special reset procedure, all the accesses are now encrypted and everything in the Caveau is closed by a special security system. Tonight is your only chance to try the heist. Sure that Jon has left you some clue you decide to try. You only have 60 minutes before the complete system reset, Good Luck!