from 2 to 5 pleasure seekers


1st generation.


Erotic, Dark

Game master

Third adventure played at DarkSide. We were looking forward to tackle this chapter because we knew a character we care a lot 🐰 would have led us across this experience. The Master welcomes us and we take care of the usual paperwork. She introduces us to the concept of “petit mort”: the sensation of post-orgasm as likened to death where those who experience it has brief loss or weakening of consciousness. Finally, we enter as guests in this house of pleasure, which ensures this sensation, short but absolute, of sensory rapture. 💗

DarkSide doesn’t create Escape Rooms, but concept rooms, in which the escape is not only physical but also interior. A laboratory of experiences, in which the same settings and scenography push you to search the bowels of the game and of yourself. If it was not appropriate to expect the classic Escape rooms for the other rooms played, this reasoning applies even more to chapters 1 and 2 of “La Petit Mort”: few puzzles, although of medium difficulty.

So, I can’t comment on the room like I usually do. But it doesn’t matter because the core on which the experience is based in the story and its narration. 📄 Even the scenography is set up with the only purpose of being functional to the story, recreating the moods of the characters.

The hour passed in joy, unaware of time (none of DarkSide’s rooms have a timer in it, this makes the experience more immersive), led by the Rabbit 🐰 in this psychedelic trip. And who better than him can guide us in this goliardic path in the name of eroticism? Hopping around 🐇, firstly it helps, then it puts you in trouble, it appears, and suddenly immediately after it disappears. But in the end … well, that’s up to you to find out.

Some tips: the room is available in English and doesn’t require any particular motor skills, except for a small passage. Not scary, but due to the theme I would recommend this to adult escapers.

La fabbrica di cioccolato Game Over Firenze


Darkside does not provide an indication of the difficulty of the room, in our opinion this is intermidiate difficulty.


At “La Petite Mort”, we are more than proud to open our doors to you. Since 1892, we have been the highest, most refined and elite reference point for adult entertainment: we are art. But this, if you are reading, you will already know.

Our clients, the martyrs, are exceptional people. They survive the pain. They experience total deprivation. They bear all the sins of the earth. They give themselves, they transcend, they are transfigured.

We welcome your application and are sure to find your trauma, that small and easily opened break for you to see beyond. We believe in everyone’s potential. We believe in your flesh.