from 2 to 4 cowboys.


1st generation.


Adventure, Western.

Game master

The third adventure played with the hosts of Effugio, in Verona. Now Alessio takes the reins of Master  😎 and will lead us in this new story, between lazo, holsters and cowboy boots. He introduces us into the room directly with our eyes closed and individually, then he walks away. Suddenly, we hear the voice of the sheriff 🤠 who will put us a noose around our necks, in about an hour. So, this would be the perfect time to take to one’s heels, if we don’t want he hang us on the main square. 

The scenography is rustic and well thought out, with the realistic reproduction of a cell attached to the sheriff’s office. 🏜️ The predominance of wood (furniture, floor and walls), the background sounds such as neighing of horses, iron on iron noises, the voice of the sheriff who pressed us: all these elements, combined with the lack of a timer, gave us an immersive experience. 

The game logic is sequential. The puzzles 🧩 are not difficult, but they are many and some take much time, therefore, in the few moments when it is possible, it’s worthwhile to divide the tasks. As a style, we have almost exclusive use of the first generation 🗝️, which also fits the theme well. Effugio doesn’t indicate a degree of difficulty of the room; in our opinion, it’s a medium level. 

Some tips: the room is available to be played in English 🇬🇧 and doesn’t require special motor skills. As a room, I found it very fun and adventurous, so I would like to recommend it to both newbies and children: definitely excellent as a first approach to the ER world. 


Effugio doesn’t give a difficulty level. In our opinion, it’s a medium level.


A dark cell: a group of cowboys accused of stealing a load of whiskey from a moving train. The sheriff has already hung the nooses in the main square for the execution… There are only 60 minutes left to prove their innocence and save their life!