from 2 to 8 human sacrifices.


1st generation.



Game master

Let’s start to comment our experiences during the last Tour ¡Topissimi Verona-Brescia beginning with the winning room, Minotaur’s Labyrinth. We have been recommended this room by other enthusiasts for ER and we had to admit they were right. Once reached the location of GameOver in Verona; Ilaria and Marco welcomed us they both will take turns following us as Masters. 

Unfortunately, they inform us there had been an issue and therefore our room was still busy; so, to let us pass the time, they gave us the opportunity to try the alternative ending of their “The Walking Death”, revisited by themselves and unique compared to the whole franchise. We were already passionate about that room, which had earned a well-deserved 3rd place in our 2021 Tuscany Tour, but they managed to make it more immersive, coherent and fascinating. So, if you have the chance, I recommend trying it in Verona. But let’s get back to us!

Marco introduces us into the room and explains our goal: to get out of the labyrinth, recovering an object that will be indispensable for us to do so. In this scenography I see all the talent and passion for the brand’s decoration: the recreation of the labyrinth is masterful. They couldn’t do better; what could they add, the Minotaur itself?

The logic of the room is intricate, which fits with the theme; the decidedly original puzzles are also in line with the story. Especially the last one, which made us late; it took us some time to keep up with it, but actually making it shorter would have meant losing the effect and the meaning behind it. This is also a revisited idea of ​​our Masters. What can I say: give these people a medal!

As a style, there is a strong presence of the first generation with many padlocks, which don’t really match with the context, but the experience was so immersive and fun that everything else faded into the background.

I agree with GameOver about the difficulty which outlines a 95%: very tough as we like it. Perhaps I would recommend it to experienced escapers, but I would also recommend it to beginners even just to enjoy the scenography. It’s definitely one of our favorites.

Some tips: the room doesn’t require special motor skills and is available in English. It is absolutely not scary and I also find it suitable for children, obviously accompanied by the difficulty of the puzzles; it is good to educate them from an early age! 

Il Labirinto del minotauro


Difficulty level: 95%.


According to legend, Minos, king of Crete, built a labyrinth where he locked up the Minotaur, a dangerous creature born with a human body and the head of a bull. It happened that the son of Minos, Androgeus, who had traveled to Athens to participate in the Olympic games, was killed for having won too many competitions, attracting the jealousy of the humiliated Athenians. In revenge, Minos decided that every year 7 Athenian boys and 7 Athenian girls would be taken into the labyrinth as sacrifices and given to the minotaur, who only ate humans. Now that you have been taken into the labyrinth, you have succeeded in the epic quest of killing the Minotaur, but the news of its death has reached King Minos who has sent an army to kill you. You only have one hour to escape or face certain death…