from 2 to 4 partisans.


1st generation.


Action, War.

Game master

Fourth adventure played with the hosts of Exit Room Krakow. Sited behind our hotel, it was a strong temptation. Furthermore, as often it happens, then one Escape room leads to another. So we start the day trying to escape from some ugly Nazis, who try to imprison us. Jacob, still our Master, ushers us into the room. 

A very small room, such full of details to be disorienting. We couldn’t go wrong in figuring out where we were: an SS military bunker. I couldn’t even doubt that many of the objects inside were authentic vintage finds. 

The logic of the room is confusing; only towards the middle of the game it starts to make sense. As a style we have a first generation, with a bit of encryption, which is not bad at all given the military field. 

We have a medium difficulty level. The puzzles are quite original and fit well with the theme of the room; unfortunately, being a sequential room,  it’s not possible to solve other puzzles at the same time. However we could defeat the final boss and escape in 55 minutes. 

Some tips: the room is available in English and doesn’t require special motor skills. Not scary, but given the theme, I would recommend it to at least teenagers. 

Exit Room - Wolfestein


ExitRoom doesn’t provide an indication of the difficulty of the room, in our opinion this is intermidiate difficulty.


Police sirens can be heard in the background. Contaminated area. Come out of the shelter so as not to be taken by the Third Reich and its leaders. There isn’t much time.