Matt & Kika

Matt & Kika are two very nice people, kind and enthusiastc. We did our first two games togheter in Piacenza back in  October 2021 we immediately found a great feeling with them. There’s no need to say that whenever is possible we play togheter, we also had the pleasure of play part of our game togheter during the “Escape Tour in Emilia Romagna” 2022 : with their experience and great attitude we managed to even brake a few records togheter there!.

To learn more about them please visit their IG profile @Mek_EscapeTeam .


We virtually met Heiner when he decided to come over for a visit in Milan for an escape tour. He is very organized and full of energy person. Heiner has  played more than 1200+ games (as of April 2022) all around the world, he constantly organizes (tough) escape tours where more than 20 games are squeezed generally in 2 max 3 days !!. We are learning a lot from him, is kind of friend-mentor. We can’t wait to play in mid April the Rome tour (which will be reviewed) with him.He is also Ambassador for the TERPECA project for Germany and partecipated also as Judge for the Escape Rooms Award.

You can visit his website EscapeRoomers.De to learn more about his mission.