from 2 to 6 players.


1st generation and 2st generation.



Game master

The second room played at the hosts of Fox in a Box Florence: escaped from the room of the famous serial killer Zodiac, we head, always accompanied in this adventure by Simone, to the hotel room of one of the pioneers, physicists and electrical engineers most multifaceted of all times: Nikola Tesla. 
We are introduced to what is the historical and very detailed reproduction of the room where the inventor really died, that is, number 3327 of the New Yorker Hotel, in New York City. I must say that they spared no efforts: the room is really well done with the wall tapestry, the style of the furniture and ornaments of the time, the marble fireplace. I love this kind of meticulous reproductions, especially if they derive from historical facts or places that really existed. 
The logic of the room is not always linear. The puzzles are very beautiful, especially because they are based on Tesla’s inventions and discoveries. Furthermore, in addition to being many and varied, some of which with spectacular special effects, you come out of there with your head fused, as if you had been doing gymnastics by training the most important muscle, that is the brain. They managed to recreate Tesla’s mentality, tenacity, curiosity and desire to discover, through a balanced combination of the first and the second generation. 
We left about 6 minutes after the end of the game and it was also very interesting to have a chat later with Simone, who explained a bit about the history of the franchise and how the concept of the room was born with the various historical references. 
Honestly, we didn’t have many expectations about this room when we booked it, because on the Fox in a Box website there is a scant description, consisting only of the plot and a single photo: neither a level of difficulty is provided, there is no accompanying video. In short, you don’t even know what to expect. For this reason, we had decided to play before the other room as we would have been more “rested” on our heads and mistakenly considering it more difficult. 
Yet, not only did we have to completely change our minds, but it thrilled us so much that, after a final review of all the escape rooms made during the 2021 Topissimi Tuscany Tour, we decided to award it as the winner; we recognized as strengths the originality of the plot and the story, the recreated set design of historical origin, the special effects, the originality of the puzzles. 
This is to remember the valuable lesson that “Never judge a book by its cover”. Fun is guaranteed, escape a little less. 

Exit Room - Wolfestein


Level difficulty: high.


Tesla died in 1943 in the famous New Yorker Hotel’s room 3327. After his death. you have received a letter from Nikola Tesla himself. In the letter he asks you to come to his room to find his last invention and share it with mankind before the FBI gets to it. When you arrive to the room FBI is already on their way… you have 60 minutes before they get there and arrest you for trespassing.