from 2 to 6 prisoners.


1st generation.


History, Gothic.

Game master

The fifth adventure played with the hosts of GetMeOut, in Milan. The adventure that I will soon tell you about was played in October 2020, so some things may have changed in the meantime. Once the classic registration formalities have been performed and the now well-known rules of conduct explained, we are preparing to escape from a medieval prison, in the fleeting hope of not being tortured by too diligent inquisitors. So we are ushered into the room and handcuffed, but at least this time no pillory, much to Xand’s relief. 

The setting is very characteristic and representative, not only for the presence of specific devices of the time (pillories, iron cages, antiques), but also for the atmosphere created by the background sounds (the sound of wrought iron mixed with songs liturgical).

Time is marked by the white sand of an hourglass. In my opinion, it’s a double-edged sword; because, although it’s true that the absence of the timer allows for a more immersive experience in the game, it’s equally true that its possible presence in a form that is not entirely intuitive, can give a distorted temporal projection. That is, if you read that 10 minutes remain at the end of the game, that is a certain fact, while with the hourglass the difference between 10 and 5 minutes is minimal; I find it difficult for an untrained eye to be able to orient itself temporally in this way. So it is easier to believe that you have a remaining time available that is not the real one, risking to proceed more slowly if you believe you have some leftover or getting frenzied believing you have less.

The logic of the room is quite linear. The puzzles are a bit complicated, especially for beginners, but overall I liked them a lot. I would not recommend it as the first room to play ever, but I would wait to have done a few more to understand the logic behind an escape room. In short, an intermediate difficulty. The two of us went out, but with a little effort.

For now, I must admit that among those of Get Me Out it is the most I liked, both as puzzles and as a historical setting. 

GetMeOut La sala delle torture


Get Me Out doesn’t give a difficulty level of the room. In our opinion, medium level.


The Tribunal of the Holy Inquisition has decided: you sinners will be called to atone for your sins through corporal punishment or capital execution. You will be taken to the torture room where the only form of redemption will be death unless you manage to escape before the executioner arrives.