from 2 to 7  scientists.


1st and 2st generation.


Adventure, Laboratory.

Game master

The first adventure played with the hosts of Brain in a Cage. We know Giulia, who will be our Master for this and also for the other three stories played with them: initially they were supposed to be only two, but as often happens, Xand gets mad and we end up trying them all. We decided to start with Project AI because we were intrigued by the novelty of the theme and the originality of the story. 
As soon as we entered, this room had a strange effect on me, even if it wasn’t the first time that we had played in such a room; that is, illuminated by white walls, furniture and objects inside positioned in a precise order, the perception of asepticity that perfectly recreated a scientific laboratory. Everything was in plain sight: there was no need to search for hidden devices and objects. It was all in front of us, we just had to make sense of it. 
I believe that the feeling of disorientation derives from the fact that we are generally used to rooms that use dim lights, half-light, sometimes almost total darkness, both to raise the level of difficulty and to create an atmosphere more suited to the setting. 
The logic of the room is quite linear and the difficulty isn’t excessive, even in two it’s possible to finish it in a good time. Therefore, very accessible even for beginners and has no need for motor skills; in some moments, perhaps, it’s advisable to separate to act on several fronts and to save time. It was mainly structured around the first generation, with some second ones enigma.  I would have expected the opposite situation, given the theme of the room, but preferring the first generation to the second, I was happy that my expectations were not met. 
For this room as for the others, we were amazed by the level of scenic attention to detail, but above all by how the puzzles were made. This takes on greater merit if you think that Brain in a Cage isn’t part of a franchise and therefore doesn’t have the support of a brand behind itself: it’s just a team of people with an immense passion for escape rooms, that is reflected in the rooms. Furthermore, all this is certainly supported by great professionalism and technique, which they make available to the community escapers through group workshops. 

Project AI


Difficulty level: 4/5.


You are part of a brilliant team of scientists at Robotech Corporation. For some time now, everyone has been talking about Robotech’s latest work, a secret laboratory in which cutting-edge artificial intelligences are designed and tested. The leader of the activity is Doctor Aurelio Monti, who with his Project AI is theorizing a link between artificial intelligence and the human brain. In your opinion, Robotech, with its crazy experiments, is putting the future of humanity at risk! You finally managed to hack Robotech’s security systems, today is your only chance to stop Project AI. You only have 60 minutes before security notices your hacking. You have to find access to the secret laboratory, find the Project AI central processor and deactivate it.