from 2 to 6 prisoners.


1st generation.


Thriller, Dark.

Game master

Second adventure played with the hosts of DarkSide; Kader, our Master, recognizes us and welcomes us. 

He illustrates the story of another DarkSide masterpiece, Dark Room. From the plot, it’s clear that it will not be a simple room, in which you are locked up, by choice or fate, but an introspective journey, a story of struggle, commitment, rebirth; but no one tells you the price. As in the previous article, Collapsed, DarkSide doesn’t create classic escape rooms, in which you only have to solve puzzles, open padlocks and trigger automatisms. Create real concept rooms, where the escape is not only physical but inside, visceral, from yourself. This time it’s more true than ever; on no other occasion, I had ever encountered a plot of the room more consistent with the Room.  

The enigmas have introspection as their main theme, up to the redemption of the character, which in this case we are; they haven’t a high level of difficulty, so I would also like to propose it to beginners. All based on the first generation, they follow each other relentlessly, in a fairly linear way, and they are really many; you really have to deserve the release from your personal prison. You arrive at the end as if you had run a marathon. It could also be that the fact that there were only two of us requires more energy that cannot be delegated to anyone else. 

The actor is a character, in the true sense of the term: he helps you and sidetracks you as he pleases, always and in any case maintaining the student spirit of DarkSide. We always remember with hilarity when he addressed Xand in a small falsetto voice to prod him: “Hey, do you want to do something? Look, the aunt is getting angry ”. (In this case, as Milan dialect, “aunt” means a title which refers to women whom to you are familiar). We laughed a lot … Even now we have fun just thinking about it. Too nice. 

There is no timer to mark the game, to make the experience even more immersive. I find that for some rooms, especially this type, it is a very smart choice. We were focused only on going out, and we went out, albeit reluctantly. 

The room is available in English and doesn’t require special motor skills. In my opinion, it’s more disturbing than scary, so I recommend it at least to teenagers. 

Exit Room - Wolfestein


Darkside doesn’t provide a difficulty level of the ER. in our opinion, it’s a medium-high.


A room not much larger than the one you’ve spent most of your life in. A cell. Despite the perks and privileges that were given to you at birth, you went back to prison again and again. You feel more comfortable in chains than in freedom. We’ll see how far you go to break those chains once and for all. Your life was a lie, now the moment of truth comes. Welcome to your rebirth. Rot in this room or grant yourself freedom. How much blood will you shed to stay alive? How willing are you to tear yourself apart?