from 2 to 8 spies.


2nd generation.


Espionage, Funny

Fourth and final adventure played with the Gamescape hosts. “The last but not the least”: indeed, we close with a flourish with the winning room of this improvised mini-Tour iTopissimi Krakow. This Escape room was also highly recommended to us by Mattheus, one of the Game Masters of Exit Room, as one of the most beautiful in Krakow, and I must admit that he was not at all wrong. Kate again as our Master to follow us in this compelling and immersive spy story.

The scenography is to say the least spectacular and the technologies used inside (Augmented Reality) allow players to truly feel like the protagonists of the story, in a growing climax of enthusiasm. Augmented Reality, in addition to making the experience more vivid, perfectly suited the spy-type plot, reproducing what are the cinematic experiences of the secret agent.

As the plot said, our aim was to find the antidote to the Chimera virus. In the end, we succeeded: we found it right at the exit from the room (an exit that you don’t expect by the way) and it consists of a briefcase, which is their “escapecity” proposal, Mindfull Operation. This adventure represents the sequel to this room, Chimera Protocol. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to try it and we were very sorry about it, but we managed to have it illustrated a little by Kate, so I wouldn’t exclude a return to Krakow.

The logic of the room is not linear on the other hand it makes it more engaging and suggestive. The puzzles proved to be extremely interesting and ingenious, mixing art, science and technology in a homogeneous way. There is an almost absolute predominance of the second generation. It doesn’t show an excessive difficulty, as proof, this room is playfully indicated by the company itself as an “almost impossible mission”. A little experience never hurts, indeed.

Some tips: the room is available in English and in my opinion it is also suitable for children. One note: due the way the room is designed, agility is needed, so I recommend comfortable clothing and shoes.

La fabbrica di cioccolato Game Over Firenze


Difficulty is intermediate.


For many years, a secret agent of WISE (World Intelligence Secret Elite), nicknamed Kameleon, infiltrated the Spider Technologies syndicate. Its leader (a former MI6 agent) acquired a dangerous secret weapon: the mutant virus “Chimera”.

Secret Agent Chameleon was faced with this “impossible” task and stole that extremely dangerous biological substance from the hands of ruthless terrorists.

Thanks to his extraordinary skills, he managed to get a sample of the virus. But that’s not the end of the mission. His next task was to discover where it is and what it is – ANTIDOTUM.

However, we do not know if he managed to develop an antivirus, because he lost communication with us and he disappeared without a trace … The cameras recorded him for the last time when he entered the Art Gallery in Krakow at ul. Kościuszki 74. This is where the search should begin …

The lives of millions of people are now in your hands, and the only person. who might know the recipe to fight the ultra-dangerous virus, has gone missing. Find him, before the ruthless mercenaries of Spider Tech take the lead!