from 2 to 8 spies.


1st & 2nd generation.


Espionage, Funny

Second adventure played with the hosts of GameOver Firenze. Alberto, still with us as a Master, takes us into the Chocolate Factory. This was one of the very first rooms that caught our attention, as we were intrigued by the originality of the plot and the sweet surprises that could have awaited us. So, without other delay, let’s go inside.

The scenography in front of us was a bit sparse, minimal, not very colorful. The brick walls, alternated with faded green panels, also extinguished the other few colors inside. There was just one decorative element and it created a very charismatic atmosphere: a small luxuriant fountain with a real chocolate. Immediately, Alberto advised us to don’t taste it, because it was as old as the fountain installation, that is years ago. I would have expected something more, given the theme but above all given GameOver’s legacy in terms of scenography, .

In the room we still find the digital column, which we already found in the Cursed Temple and which we will also find in the following rooms. Alberto shows us how it works again: it is possible to ask for suggestions when we get (b)lock on riddles every 10 minutes. There were two different levels of help. In any case, the master assist you remotely.

The game logic is extremely consequential: you cannot approach other puzzles unless they are solved in the correct sequence. Therefore splitting up and attempting a reslution of puzzles doesn’t work as strategy in this case. The riddles aren’t absolutly hard, even if there are many. The room belongs both first and second generation, although there is a clear predominance of the first.

There was only one glitch while we were inside: we lost time when a component, needed to finish the last riddle, was not released. Alberto jumped in promptly and confirmed the device had actually been detained and added back the lost minutes, due to this technical problem, to the countdown. We won in any case, also without the extra time, but we were pleased that the Master was so fair and professional.

Overall, I found the room very nice and fun, therefore suitable for everyone, especially for the presence of a couple of surprising riddles. In particular, I would like to indicate it like first approach, except for some puzzles, also for children (perhaps a modified and adapted version). No special motor skills are required and an English version is also available.

La fabbrica di cioccolato Game Over Firenze


GameOver Escape rooms published a difficulty of 85%.


For many years it has been kept as a great secret. Rumors said that there is a special handmade machine that is giving this Magical taste to their Chocolates. All these till tonight, cause you and your team are dedicated to sneak into the restricted room in the biggest chocolate factory of Switzerland! Your purpose is to find how the machine works, put it in operation and steal the secret recipe of the best Chocolate ever made by Humans.