from 2 to 5 secret agents.


1st and 2nd generation.



Game master

Here we are! The (unexpected) mini-tour iTopissimi Krakow is started. We noticed the sign of Exit Room on one of the main streets, essentially just behind our hotel, after returning from a walk to explore the city. We decided to walk in, despite the fact on social networks they seemed permanently closed; there was no trace of activity on their profiles for several months. With a little hesitation, we rang the bell and, receiving no response, we try to push the door… it opened!

Matteus welcomed us and, looking at us entering cautiously and a little embarrassed smiled. We immediately asked him if they were still running their business and if there were available rooms. Matteus confirmed there were 8 rooms with several themes, and that they are certainly still in business. At this point, Xand took off his jacket and said “ok, so, can we play? I mean like right now? “. Matteus smiled and tried to understand our level of experience to show us the most suitable game; we explained that it was our first room in English and therefore, despite previous experiences, we could have had difficulty due to the language. He pointed out James Bond and we went in immediately (also because it was the last session of the day and they were about to close).

He introduces us into the room and cuffs us to the armchairs (surprise!). A very simple scenography, apparently, which often deceives. The room essentially reflects the plot, with all the elements you could find in a spy adventure, both modern and vintage, which recreate the atmosphere and make the experience more immersive.

The logic of the room is extremely linear. The puzzles could be classified in a medium difficulty, some very original and intriguing, corresponding with the plot. As a style, we have a good mix between the first and second generation, with a lot of crypto riddles (very appropriate given the spy atmosphere).

Some tips: the room is available in English, it doesn’t require special motor skills and it is not scary. Also highly recommended for young escapers and beginners. It took us a while to figure out how to get rid of the handcuffs and I wasted time on a puzzle that I only realized at the end I could have sped up the resolution. All experience gained. We escaped with just 0:07 seconds on the timer. Was that a coincidence?

La fabbrica di cioccolato Game Over Firenze


Difficulty is intermediate. Exit rate 5%.


Transform yourself into the agent, use the entire arsenal of gadgets to neutralize your opponent and save Wawel from detonation.