from 2 to 8 prisoners.


1st generation.



Game master

Fourth and last adventure played with the hosts of GameOver Florence; unfortunately, there were no more rooms playable for two players. On the other hand, it was also the first of the many off-menus in the ¡Topissimi Toscana Tour. Alberto is still our Master; we kidnapped him since early afternoon, so it seems correct to me that, for “par conditio”, we too are kidnapped by SAW. We woke up after being drugged and we were in the dark and handcuffed … 

The story is well known and the plot is too inflated in the ER world (what better reason to leave quickly a room, when there is a maniac who wants to kill you?). In the other side, it’s interesting to note the different representation that the various ER providers give; while the version of Brain in a Cage followed more the trait of the Saw-Riddler, GameOver preferred to focus on the horror-psychological side, with sadistic and splatter traits. The choice of using a first-generation room seemed to be very appropriate, that is a room in which the player gives the input to make “something happens”. This reflects the conception of the killer to grant his “lab rats” the possibility to prove something or to save themselves (always paying a high price, of course). This time the scenography is represented in a very simple way and gives the sense of anguish aroused by the enigmas; you feel almost bad doing some ones. Fortunately, the game logic is linear and, inside the room, there is a digital column, which you can ask for suggestions on puzzles every 10 minutes, with two different levels of help. The Master is always present, however, to assist you remotely. Believe me! You will need to help because this room is one of the most difficult in the GameOver offering. The puzzles are very difficult and sequential, so it isn’t possible to do other enigmas at the same time. Indeed, we managed to escape it by a hair, coming out about thirty seconds ahead of time. 

Some tips about the room: there is only a small passage that requires a minimum of motor agility, so ask the Master first if it can be suitable. I would define it as a distressing room rather than a fearful one; but this is a personal point of view, that changes from person to person. The room is also available in English. 

Exit Room - Wolfestein


One of most difficult level, according GameOver: 90%


You wake up in a dark place, you can see nothing… The only thing you can feel is a voice saying: “I want to play a game …” You’re sitting in the case of Jigsaw and you know that everything is against you. Your only chance to survive is to follow his crazy missions and find the right way to escape! The time is running…