from 2 to 5 thief..


1st generation.


Action, Robbery

Game master

Fifth and final adventure played with the hosts of Exit Room Krakow. Last not by will, but due lack of time, otherwise we would have enjoyed the two remained rooms that we were missing and were also available in English. Jacob will continue his role as Master, as he was in the two previous adventures. The plot is very nice: we will have to sneak into the bank (Amber Gold), steal everything we can and get out quickly. We enter the room.

The scenography is very simple, it doesn’t look like to be inside a bank, but the minimal piece of furniture is fully functional to the story and to the several riddles in the room.

The logic of the game is linear; the puzzles follow each other non-stop in a climax of fun, making you want more and more to get to the loot. The puzzles have various levels of difficulty: on some we went very fast, on a couple we got a bit lost. As a style, it is definitely based on the first generation and this choice fits the theme perfectly.

The level of difficulty is on the whole medium-low, the plot fun and adventurous; therefore, I would also safely recommend it to children and beginners. We divided the tasks to optimize the playing time and it worked. We went out 7 minutes before time ran out.

Finally, some tips: the room is available to be played in English and does not require any special motor skills. Ideal for novice escapers or simply to spend a different time in the center of Krakow.

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ExitRoom does not provide an indication of the difficulty of the room, to us is an intermidiate.


The latest active branch of Amber Gold. Will you take out the most gold bars before the mayor and the furious customers get theirs? Police and prosecutor on the way. You only have 60 minutes.