from 2 to 8 survivors.


1st and 2st generation.


Horror, Adrenalic.

Game master

The third adventure played with the hosts of GameOver Florence. Alberto, still our Master, follows us in this new adventure, between hungry zombies and the faint hope of remaining human. This is the first time that we have had the opportunity to confront this genre, despite being quite widespread, especially after the success of the TV series that inspired it. 
Well, what about? What we immediately loved about this room was the scenography: messy and well-kept at the same time, diversifying, hidden, surprising, even in its simplicity. The horror style was performed in a sublime way through sound backgrounds (animalistic noises of the zombies, scratches on the wall, screams, reproductions of bumps on the doors), stage sets (the blood-stained mattress, water dispenser) and the effective sense of an abandoned place (the overturned chairs, the fake dirt). 
The logic of the game is linear, so we couldn’t solve multiple puzzles at once, to go faster. The puzzles in and of themselves are not very difficult; therefore, I would definitely recommend it also to escape room newbies. 
What really appeals to this room is the adrenaline it puts on you, through the use of spectacular special effects and the realistic setting; you feel like you are really on a movie set, but without a script to follow. As usual, I can’t go specifically to avoid the risk of spoilers, but if strong emotions are what you are looking for in an escape room, this is the room for you. 
We were so euphoric when we went out that we decided to even do another room, SAW, in addition to the three we had done earlier in the day. But I will tell you this in another article. 
We were able to complete the room in about 44 minutes, and we were very satisfied with the experience, so much so that this room rightfully deserved to get on the podium of the Topissimi Toscana Tour and earn an honest 3rd place. 

Asylum Adventure Rooms Firenze


Difficulty level: 85%.


Two years have passed since the Apocalypse began. Humanity is under extinction but there are still survivors, searching for shelter to hide from the Zombies. Your team has survived hell, having to fight not only against the dead but also the hostile human cores. A week ago you have found this abandoned prison. You were lucky to eliminate the few zombies stuck in there. Now you are trying to establish a settlement, repairing fortifications and exploring step by step every section. Today Section 3, the Isolation Sector is your Target…