from 2 to 5 detectives.


1st generation and 2st generation.



Game master

First experience played with the hosts of Trap Milano. It was also the first time, and I believe also the only one, in which, not a Master, but by an illustrative video in a cinema room gave us both the explanation of the behavioral rules to be kept inside the Room and of the plot. After that, we were introduced into the ER. 

What to say? Fantastic setting and scenography very realistic, especially the driveway: the lamp post, the bench, the various doors that overlook the street. The puzzles are very fascinating and particular, not obvious, even long at times; in some moments they really gave us a hard time. 

A balanced mix between the first and second generation, it creates a beautiful union by exalting each other. I have found a way to skip even a part of the puzzles, still maintaining the logic of the game; in my defense, I confess that I believed that the logic of the room was really like that. We recently had the pleasure of comparing ourselves with another Trap Milano’s room, Winter Tale, and the Master informed us that that bug was solved by modifying the sequence of the puzzles; so now, if we tried the adventure again, we would have even less escape. 

Unfortunately, despite having played in advance, we were unable to complete it, even if only for a short time, since we had to enter the last code. 

The room is available in English and doesn’t require special motor skills. In my opinion, it’s more disturbing than scary, so I recommend it at least to teenagers and to players who are already familiar with Escape rooms. Really nice. 

Exit Room - Wolfestein


Level difficulty: 4/5.


Since the beginning of January, 7 people have mysteriously disappeared near the Central Station in Milan. Most were homeless, people of whom society forgets rather quickly.

Now a little girl disappeared a few days ago, her name is Anna, the daughter of an important businessman. The situation changed. Now society seems to care and the police still have no clue where to find her. The time is passing faster and faster. The media already speaks about a case. THE TOMB

You have been hired as private detectives to find out what’s going on and find the girl before it’s too late. All the clues lead you to a dark road in the middle of the night where the girl has been saw last time with a stranger.
You have 60 minutes to solve the Tomb’s riddles and escape from that road before darkness descends on the girl’s destiny. Live with your friends an adventure in real time that, with its enigmas and unique atmosphere,
will completely immerse you in one of the most beautiful Escape rooms in Europe. Fun, adrenaline and mystery will be your company in this adventure.