from 3 to 6 knights .


2st generation.


Fantasy, Adventure.

Game master

Second adventure signed by Trap Milano. This time we wanted to exaggerate and we played a room that is suitable for a minimum of 3 people. Indeed, the lack of an extra player was felt, both in the effort and in the result. But let’s go in order. 

We complete the usual registration formalities, we are led to an anteroom at the top of the stairs, where the usual cinema room has been set up. We sit down and watch the now familiar video that first explains the rules of behavior to be kept inside the room, then the story we are preparing to face. Once finished, the door next to us opens automatically and we enter the room.  

Anyone GoT’s fan cannot fail to appreciate this room. The scenography, very simple in the first rooms, is extremely faithful in the reproduction of the story: the life-size dragon eggs, the tree-dam, the head of the Stranger, the throne itself, made up of dozens of swords. I’d like to also find the big dog who acts the direwolf in the video presentation of the room, but I would just concentrate on stroking it. In addition, being in summer, the air conditioning kept the temperature low, also recreating thermal typesetting. 

As a concept, it’s a second-generation room, which in my opinion is a little more difficult than the first ones, because you have to be very careful about the environment around you: not ever you understand immediately notice what has been unlocked, also because you just hear the thuds of something opening. 

I really enjoyed the puzzles, some actually original and jaw-dropping (like the triangular puck moving as if spirited on a revisited ouija board), most of which are inherent to the “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Actually, for only two people, it’s a bit too much and an extra head would have been handy; indeed, at a certain point, Xand and I decided to divide the puzzles by solving them alone to go faster, but unfortunately, we didn’t do it anyway. However, we really appreciated that the Master still allowed us to finish the room even though the game time had expired, making it appreciated in its entirety. And it was worth it. 

La fiaba d'inverno


Difficulty level: suitable for everyone.


The legend told that for a long time seven kingdoms fight for the Throne to rule these lands. When the fate of the clashes seemed to be sealed, a new enemy came from the cold of winter who forced them to fight together to defeat him. 
For a long time, everyone live in peace thanks to the wisdom of the Kings who followed one another on the throne, but now the King is very ill and the court wizards are conspiring something terrible. They found one of the warriors still alive, in a block of ice, brought him to Court, and are now trying to awaken his power to make him the first knight of the new army of darkness. 
You are the last knights able to stop them. You must enter the king’s castle and find a way to eliminate the threat forever.