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Birth Machine – Mad Machines @Milan

¡Topissimi go back to its origin! But maybe we went too far and, together with Kika and Matt, we went back a little too far, more or less to when we were conceived. Will we be able to make the whole trip all over again?

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Escape to the FarWest

¡Topissimi to conquer the Wild West! From a cell and with a noose around your neck in perspective, it’s difficult, but we’re always up for the challenge. Will we have made it?

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Amber Gold – Exit room @Krakow

¡Topissimi sneak into the “Amber Gold” bank in search of cheese … Ah NO!
Will they make it out with the loot, before the guards notice that the cameras are actually broadcasting still images and that xand has already locked the first safe by entering random codes 5 times?

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Dark room Darkside, Milan

Once again we were put to the test. A story of redemption and rebirth of which, however, no one told us the price to pay. Will we be able to escape from the abyss?

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Collapsed Darkside, Milano

For our anniversary, Xand thought about taking me inside a mine. As you can see, we came out, not really in great shape, definitely exhausted.

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